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What is Disc Warrior?

Disc Warrior is a new outdoor game that combines the greatest elements of cornhole with flying discs that is ultra-portable. Say goodbye to lugging around cheap, heavy, and outdated games. Best of all people of any age and skill level can play. See what all the hype is about and pick up this fun, easy-to-learn, extremely portable game that is perfect for the backyard, beach, park, campsite, tailgating, and more. WARNING: Creates hours of laughter and excitement as you throw, catch, and compete with friends and family!

Revolutionizing Outdoor Gaming

Disc Warrior's patent approved design makes it extremely easy to take it anywhere.

The old days of lugging around cheap heavy awkward yard games is over.

Disc Warrior Essentials



I saw this in social media and glad I found it on Amazon because we received it super fast and on time for our family gathering. We had some friends from Argentina who came to visit and they’ve never seen anything like this disc game. Everyone had an GREAT time playing it! The quality is great and the best part is how light and compact it stores!


Portability and quality is insane!

We have literally replaced all of our old, clunky, heavy, awkward yard games with this one. It’s crazy how small it folds up and comes in a little carrying bag that we just hang up on a nail in our garage. It has been popular with all our friends at backyard gatherings and we’ve even taken it on the boat to bring to the beach a handful of times. Cannot say enough good things about Disc Warrior. This game is going to reach the top of the yard game market in no time. 5 stars.

Becky M.

Best Frisbee Game on the Market!

I purchased Disc Warrior earlier this summer and have been playing it a ton with both friends and family! I've played other frisbee yard games in the past and Disc Warrior is far superior in fun, quality, and durability. Super happy I found Disc Warrior and would highly recommend it to anyone!


Best Purchase of the summer!

My kids recently found out about Disc Warrior through one of their friends. We purchased one and have been playing nonstop with our kids and our friends! Do yourself a favor and buy one, kids and adults will LOVE IT!

Olivia T.

Disc Warrior is about to take over!

I simply cannot say enough about this yard game. It checks all the boxes! If you haven't ordered this game yet you are missing out.

Andy Folz

Our family’s favorite new game!

We love how unique and portable it is! We keep it in our car for beach days and get together with friends. Fun for our kids too! Our boys are ages 9,7,4 and all love this game!

Annie B.

Recommending Disc Warrior to everyone!

Disc Warrior is truly the most versatile game to hit the market. Not only is it light weight and portable but extremely durable. I've blasted this thing with disc golf drivers all day without any compromise to the material. Highly recommending Disc Warrior to everyone!!!

Justin Campbell

Great Product

Perfect game for the cabin. Both the kids and the adults had a great time playing! Super nice to transport with the collapsible nets fit in the packed car super conveniently.

Michael Thell